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by Minecraft Lyoko » 2/29/2012

ok, i need some help in making a minecraft mod

ok, so heres the deal, a friend of mine wants a minecraft mod for the original ben 10 omnitrix, but i cant code, i can make the items you need, say for example, the omnicore item you need to make the watch

surround a diamond with 4 lime dye to make the omncore

crafting the omnitrix itself:
top row: iron ingot, obsidian, iron ingot
middle row: Obsidian, Omnicore, obsidian
Bottom row: Iron ingot, button, inron ingot

now, i have a guy for making most of the humanoid alien skins, like upgrade and heatblast, but i need someone to program these exact things:

hold the watch in your inventory, right click and a screen pops up, hit the arrows to select between the aliens then clock on the icon that shows said alien

5 minute limit for alien time

Aliens and powers
Heatblast - Right click to shoot fireballs, can glide for 5 seconds by hitting jump twice
Wildmutt - Sixth sense of danger, faster running
Diamond head, can project diamond shards at enemies, diamond shard can not be used to cheat the game
XLR8 - Triple sprint
Upgrade - Can shoot green laser by right click, point at dispenser and right click to control Dispensers by hand
Ripjaws - better attacking underwater, swimming, cannot live on land for too long
Fourarms - can pick up stone with hands by punching it, hold stone in hand as fourarms to throw it by right clicking
Ghostfreak - Noclip (when shift is held down), scares mobs to death after 2 punches
StinkFly - Flying, right click to shoot slimeballs that stop mobs in there tracks
GreyMatter - 1 block high, hit e as grey matter to be able to craft 3x3 without crafting table

sounds cool, dont it? well its gonna be harder cuz you need certain things to make crystals that implement the alien into the watch

how that works
make a crystal, right clock with watch in hand, you will still have acess to your hotkey inventory, take a crystal out of that and put it in slot to left of alien selection GUI
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by Sniped_ » 3/1/2012

Since Im the skinner.
I can do like...The item pictures.
Like, stinkfly's slimeballs, and stuff. Also fireballs.
Also, to be exact. I reckon this would be hard at coding. If it's easy then my mistake, I've never coded!
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by collon29 » 3/4/2012

everyone requesting same mod Ben10
i am working on a ben10 mod with ZingBobCo he started topic and i am coding the whole thing so people CALM DOWN
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by gmgulla » 4/9/2012

how do i get this mod?
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by FarGuardian » 4/9/2012

did any of you realise that ben is for 7 to 9 year olds?
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by Rayner_XIII » 4/9/2012

FarGuardian wrote:did any of you realise that ben is for 7 to 9 year olds?

Well that's completely untrue. For starters, I know 5 year olds that watch it and I also know 16 year olds that watch it. It's pretty immature to say "this is for kids", especially considering a large portion of the PlanetMinecraft community are children. So please, don't post things like that.
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by crimsoncreeper13 » 4/9/2012

Who noticed this was posted about a month ago.
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by aang » 5/14/2012

Far gaurdian die you are an @&%^## moron who cares what you think its like saying that any one who drives a ford when you drive a Chevy is stupid so get off your soapbox
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by aang » 5/14/2012

and for the mod I am trying to make 1 to this is what Ive got so far Xlr8 is the same as yours ripjaws basicly the same Upgrade by right clicking any redstone he like morphs inside of it with complete control shoots laser by just right clicking and can travel through redstone FourArms was just going to be tall and punch stuff harder but with your permission of course i will ad what you have to it Heat blast can fly shoots fire balls by right clicking Ghostfreak can phase through blocks exept for bedrock and soulsand by holding right click for 2 seconds same to become tangible and by right clicking mobs you can take over there body completly and he can fly same stinkfly and grey matter he is under a halfblock tall though same wild mutt i will have wildvine Cannonbolt waybig and diamond head is the same to make an omnitrix same thing but it ads omnitrx crystals that you mine heat blast and ghostfreak omnitrx crystal only spawn in the nether and ripjaws only spawn in water and you can be in alien form for 10 min and also you can upgrade the omnitrix to where you can be alien as long as you want and switch directly between aliens but it can only be done when you have all the craystals in you omnitrix and to ad a crystal you put it in the crafting table with the omnitrix
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