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Hello! I'm Itzkrin
I'm a teenager who makes youtube videos, I'm trained in using Hitfilm 4, and windows movie maker. Recently I opened up a survival Minecraft server and I want you to join me in a series. The series is a tutorial series that focuses on helping people build their bases in creative and it is called Pimp my Base.

So why do I need you? Well, the server isn't really populated right now and there is not many players. I want to invite you to the server so you can make a base for me to improve.

To participate Join the server first: Earthbound.mc-shock.com < < IP
Secondly : Pass the tutorial, super easy, I'm not going to give any spoilers
3rd: Start playing on the server and work on making your survival base
4th: '/mail send Krineas (cords to your base)' In-game so I can go see it.
5th: And tada! You will be featured on my channel, if you want you can even leave signs too!
Well thats all. I hope to grow the server along with growing my channel by helping y'all. THank you for reading!



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