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I need a Hub to sponsor me!

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created 12/04/2013 10:36 pm by uSneakyyMurican
Hey it's uSneakyy here and I need someone's hub to sponsor my server.
My Server's catagory: PvP, Factions, Raid, SURVIVAL!
My Skype: Admin_uSneakyy
How I run my server: I allow ALL people to join. I intend on adding lots of minigames like parkour, TeamPvP, and HG. I also have great plugins for security
How I want this all to work out: I want the Hub owner to be very nice, not someone super strict, and tries to control my server. I'm just looking for a partnership. I will make the Hub owner, and ONLY the hub owner, a Staff. Join, check out my server, talk to me.
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