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Brand new Survival Server in need of players AND Staff!

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created 11/08/2019 4:10 pm by peter513
Hi everyone!

I am peter513, a new owner for a brand new server called OOFCraft! The server is literally only a couple days old and thanks to lots of hard work, we are finally ready to go live with it! The server is a very simple Survival server with a few extra touches like an Economy System where you get money for killing Mobs, and even other Players! This server's main focus is to just build a stable and friendly community where you can just come and have a good time and make new friends! A nice simple server with no massive plugins where you can just come and hang out with your Friends!

YES we are looking for Staff! You must join the server and then go to our Website to apply! We would love to be able to give you the opportunity to become a staff member on a BRAND NEW server!

Here is the IP:

We all look forward to meeting you in game!
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