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[JAVA]1.15.1 Building a survival empire and need help! (We host a tournament every saturday 6pm mst! All are invited)

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created 01/22/2020 11:30 am by cole3050
The Warden Empire is looking for new members for our castle "WestGate".
Were in need of any help we can get, increasing our numbers increases the amount of cool things we can do. for example the more people we have the larger our town events can be. This coming weekend we plan to host a pvp contest open to all on the server and we plan to do events like this weekly but they require lots of work.
Member of the warden empire can request custom versions of our groups skin.These customization range from medical gear to berets and officer caps.
Our pvp tournament is open to all with gear provided so even if you don't want to join our project please contact me to take part!
To join just PM me on discord or comment below if you wanna know more.Discord: Cole3050#5773
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