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Looking for plugin coders to 'revamp' a famous old prison server

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created 08/14/2019 11:41 am by Aardkloot
Hello readers,

as the title stated we're looking for people who are capable of coding all kinds of plugins and making adjustments to vanilla minecraft. We're a small group of people who all used to play on the old Minecraft server Mumau's Prison. Back in the day Mumau's Prison was one of the biggest, if not the biggest and most famous non-op prison server. It shut down at one point and since then many attempts have been made by ex-players to recreate the server so many people loved, however all of them were unsuccessful due to the creators not having the time or willing to expand the gameplay of the prison server, with many people finding the server becoming too stale. We however have tons of ideas on paper to make the server enjoyable for all kinds of players.

A beautiful map has already been created by us, resembling the old Mumau's Prison server map but a much better looking version of it, thought small adjustments still have to be made. We also have tons of connections with old players and staff members of Mumau's prison to share knowledge between each other. If you're interested in helping us creating this prison server, please send me a private message on here.

Thanks for reading!
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