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Grand Theft Auto 5 "Let's Be Cops" Skit!

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33kingkiller started 06/15/2015 12:09 am
Greetings Minecrafters/People who are just here to find something interesting to watch! If you are the latter, oh do I have something just for you! In this video, me and my partner in crime, Ned (voiced by IcePanda33), go on a police rampage! This video was very much influenced by the movie "Let's Be Cops," so if you enjoyed that, you may enjoy this! In a nutshell, me and IcePanda33 "roleplayed," if you will, as sassy black cops (IcePanda33 did a much better job at that than I). Sounds like it would give an interesting outcome? You bet it did. This video was experimental, so please feel free to leave feedback (let's limit the criticism to constructive criticism, shall we?)! You can check out the video here:
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