The League of Adequate Gamers [L.A.G]

Kro Darklorr5/17/13 4:34 pm
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[color=#0040BF]Greetings, all. My name is Kro Darklorr, and I am a member of the League of Adequate Gamers. We are a group consisting of myself, my girlfriend, my best friend, and my brother, and we play games for the fun of it, while sometimes trying to make appealing and awesome videos. We're a small-time channel, but we're growing more every day, and we've made some friends along the way.[/color]
So, if you guys wanna help us out, check out our videos, leave us some feedback, and if you like, please share and subscribe. [/color]

[color=#00FF00]Also, if anyone would like to contact or follow us at all, please choose one or all of the following methods to do so:
[color=#0040BF]Facebook:[/color] [b]Facebook.com/krodarklorr[/b]
[color=#0040BF]Twitter:[/color] [b]Twitter.com/krodarklorr[/b]
[color=#0040BF]And you may email us at: [url=mailto:laggaming@ymail.com]laggaming@ymail.com[/url][/color]

[color=#8000BF]And of course, here is a link to our Youtube Channel: [/color][b]Youtube.com/krodarklorr[/b]

[color=#0040FF]And without further adieu, here are some of our videos:[/color]
When we reached 50 subscribers, we through a little shindig, also to celebrate Tomes' birthday![/color][/b]


And our most popular series, our Feed the Beast series. When we started, we actually had little idea what we were doing.[/color]
And for those of you who don't care for mods, we have a vanilla server as well, which we'll be bringing back soon with a special surprise project we've been working on. Check it out![/color]

[color=#FF4000]So help us out, share, subscribe, follow us on Facebook or Twitter. [/color]

[color=#00BFFF]Heck, if any of you guys wanna play a game with us sometime, look us up on Steam:[/color]

[b]Kro Darklorr

[color=#FF4000]Thanks, and we hope to see you guys around.[/center][/color]
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