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Watch Me Suck at Minecraft! Days 16 Through 18

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Georgef551 started 02/18/2020 5:25 pm
Playlist (some eps missing, but findable on YouTube searches).

In the first three episodes, video quality is very poor, ghosty, and until better software was used later on, low rez.

HD came later on the same machine, then full 1080p from first true gaming laptop, now at 60fps with the current setup.

Back then, I REALLY sucked at this game, I can do OK now (nothing groundbreaking, just OK).
Unlike many shows out there, finished builds for the most part remain as they were when finished, which gives the world some history.
This would've been debuted far earlier, but wasn't allowed to create an account for some reason, problem gone now.

In this episode, we finally get the shelter weather-tight, and as for the farm, how can that be screwed up? Let's find out, shall we?
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