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Here is a nice little Format Thread for people looking to make their first RP thread, helping them make the process quicker and easier as well as telling them what each section is for and how it will improve the quality of their RP, so without Further Ado,

(tell people they need to apply first etc. This is optional)

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Some Background information or lore goes here to inform Roleplayers on what is happening in the world they are applying for entry into. Adding Details, be it here or in a section like 'races' or 'places' below really helps them to create an app that fits with the theme and allows them to RP better within it.

Extra Info (optional but advised)
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Here is where little bit of extra information goes, like that mentioned earlier or perhaps a plot summery for RP's wanting to refresh their memories. This isn't necessary and for some RP's it can be quite impossible

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Aha, Here is where the important bit goes. If you want people to behave and know their boundaries then tell them what they can and can't do here, its also a good idea to specify your tolerance. E.G. will they get banned first time or will they have a few chances to redeem their self.

Application Form
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Here is where you will put the application form so that people will be able to easily put down the information you want them to put down, as well as making it easier to read. I have provided an example App Form for you to use, but feel free to add section or remove sections as necessary.
[b]Name:[/b][b]Gender:[/b][b]Age:[/b][b]Appearance:[/b][b]Backstory:[/b][b]One Line Summery:[/b][b]Anything Else:[/b]
Feel free to add specifics in brackets like (optional) or (An image is preferred) next to each line and remember some RP's may have things like Occupation: or Race: so dont hesitate to add sections to this, or even remove them although I wouldn't advise removing name, appearance and backstory.

Lists (again, Optional)
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This is where some RP's like to add lists like who has been accepted and who has been banned, so that other people know, this is often used as a focal point with all the Apps put here in spoilers so that people can find them and read them to get a better understanding of things like appearance when they are RP-ing with them.

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The all Important IC link, I like to keep this blank until a few people have applied, you can have this at the top but I like it down here so that people are encouraged to read the rest of the page first (letting them know to Apply and the rules)


Please Remember, you may not need all the sections or you may need extra sections so feel free to add or remove as necessary. If your unsure pop over to the Hub, here, where the friendly RPC will be glad to help you.
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Thanks for the tutorial!
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