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Lookin for people to do modded youtubes with (any age)

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created 08/27/2016 8:59 pm by Yolanter
last reply 08/29/2016 4:05 pm
Hello! I am Yolanter and I am bored out of my mind, therefore I will be making Minecraft letsplays. In any case, I am 15 years of age and I am looking for some people to play modded Minecraft with. All that is required is for you to have a microphone. (also you cant be really annoying but a high pitched voice is fine by me)

The type of people that I need consist of this:
- A builder
- A mod know-it-all
- A funny person
- an MLG Swag Master
- I would like someone that could host a private server but it isn't essential

To apply for my swagilicious awesomeness all you have to do is join the Discord and I will talk you you. That is unless I am not online. The link to the Discord will be posted at the end of this post. The modpack I will be using for this fiesta will also be listed below. Commenting on this post will take longer for me to see than if you just join the discord. Thank you for wasting your life on this garbage post.


Modpack: ... rno.493688

YouTube Channel: ... -6Wu-WXuJg

Uhhh.... Yeah.. Join the discord and we will have a fun time! (this includes you Akashi)
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Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer

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08/29/2016 4:05 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Skinner
Links Freind
uhh a link to the modpack that's english would be great but also some mods I may not be able to find in my fersion of modinstaller and I won't use technic just to let you know
08/28/2016 6:13 am
Level 20 : Expert Princess
i would sign up, but i have 2 problems, the first 1 is kinda major, the pack doesn't really have the mods i play with, and the second 1, the packs on technic, i refuse to use that platform because of the way they allow any 1 to make a pack without the proper permissions from the mod devs : (
08/27/2016 9:09 pm
Level 41 : Master Grump
i dont have discord rip me
08/27/2016 9:10 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Engineer
mate you can use it in browser and you dont need to make an account

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