New YouTuber almost at 50 subs! (Please give feedback.)

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Hey guys! RedBrody7 here. I am a new YouTuber that would like to hit 50 subs! I do vlogs, gaming videos, D.I.Y's and more! I try to upload every day or every other day but if I don't I will always notify you on my twitter!
The games I play include - Roblox, Minecraft, Steam, Mobile (Coming soon) and possibly xbox games! So what are you waiting for? And if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them! And if you subscribe it would mean the world to me to share my channel and my videos! Thanks for taking the time to read my thread. Here is my Twitter and YouTube channel! P.S - Feedback is appreciated! Just no hate please, criticism is fine.

Twitter - twitter.com/RedBrody7
YouTube - www.youtube.com/channel/UCHGveZq-qgkd4kLULlUKbTA
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