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Update on Project: Adventure Co

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created 10/23/2019 8:24 pm by true buttercreeper6
Hi everyone,

So, I haven't been active on pmc for a long while, nor have I given any update on project: Adventure Co., the adventure map I have been working on. This is all because I took a month and a half break from working on the map to finish up and release a videogame that I had been developing over the years, called Slime Wars, which is a 2d sidescroller. If anyone is interested on checking it out, here is a link:

With the map itself, I am going to continue to work on it, however with a bit of change in the central idea that what I have envisioned for the sake of time and being one person, with hope of releasing a early look of the map before thanksgiving.

Have a good day,
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true buttercreeper6
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