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created 08/24/2019 3:11 pm by darian__
The title reads "Casting Call" for very good reasons. The server has a determined direction and needs others' input. To ensure the quality of candidates, there is a subsequent personality interview after the traditional application process has been completed. We are looking for people with a go-get-'em attitude, distinctive creativity, and a willingness to go beyond what is asked. Compensation is achievable/available if the candidate proves to be an invaluable asset.

HelixCraft is currently undergoing restructuring and re-branding. The current staff is looking for a new leader and builders. Certain positions hired will be given influence into the direction of an expanding server. Payment is achievable for those who apply and prove themselves to be an invaluable asset. Those who would like to receive payment, this can be discussed further in an interview process. The interview will take place after the original application is submitted.

If interested, please apply here:

Lead Environment Architect: The Lead Environment Architect (LEA) is the project lead on all creative constructions. They work with the Head of Staff to complete building projects. Unlike a regular builder, the LEA is the project designer, it is his/her design that comes to life. They build, but also have building staff working under them.

Builders: The builders do just that. They build. They work directly under the LEA and attempt to complete all projects in an expeditious and efficient manner.
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