Good, cheap bukkit server hosting

Are you new to setting up a server and need a bit of pointing in the right direction? This is the place to be.

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by reillyboy1 » 1/4/2014

Does anyone know where I can get good and cheap minecraft bukkit server hosting for my server. :)
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by saftan » 1/4/2014

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by MrDatsun » 1/5/2014

Give us a try at Eternity Hosting LLC, We provide great servers and great costs.

Instant Setup
Dedicated DDR3 RAM
Free Teamspeak 3 server with Iron package and up
Ability to upload your own JAR files
Full FTP Access
1 click Plugin Installation through BukGet
1 click instalation of mods, Tekkit, Hexit, FTB and more
No Slot Restriction
TCAdmin Control Panel
Solid State Drives
24x7 Support
Optional Dedicated IP
Active Monitoring of Players/memory/cpu

For more information regarding our plans and servers you can visit our website at

Or talk to us on our Livechat system located on our website!
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by Nazza_101 » 1/9/2014

MC Pro Hosting has a great service that is pretty cheap to run
the grass plan is $10 p/m and has 23 slots
it also comes with support and unlimited ftp storage
hope this helped
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by TheTntCow » 1/9/2014

Looking for a server host?

Astral game servers- One click plugin installation, multicraft access, ddos mitigation, Free enjin premium for 45 days, High powered and fast ssd's, ftp access, and UNLIMITED player slots, plans are 1gb per 9.95 usd.
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by Nacay » 8/9/2015

They did a good job hosting my Minecraft server so far, and their plans are fairly cheap.
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by xSwimmer » 8/9/2015

I suggest reading this first...
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