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Block Lag

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created 12/13/2019 4:03 pm by DeBedenHasen

Sorry if this is the wrong category or anything, first time around here. Now...

I have a heavily (200+) modded 1.10.2 server from Nitrado. Generally never had problems until recently: massive block lag. Interacting with anything, be it chests, crates from ActuallyAdditions, or conduit connectors from EnderIO.

That last one is especially important. I'm blaming Item Conduits, see this debug profiler dump:
As seen in lines 10-12, 12 specifically, NetworkedInventoryTick under ItemConduitNetwork is using 63.88% of total, dropping my tps to 14.8.
However, I've seen this value at around 83%, too, this reduction was pretty big already.

The biggest change I could get (obviously) was with WorldEdit using //removenear enderio:blockConduitNetwork.
This doesn't solve the problem though, duuuhhhh.

I've tried flying around the world and removing dense concentrations of Item Conduits to no noticeable effect, with the only exception being the drop from around 83% to 68% as mentioned above.

As far as I got with my investigation, the block lag isn't a cause of my connection or even server-specific. I've made a copy of the world and uploaded them to my GDrive. If you'd like to take a look at it, feel free:
(Note: the block lag is considerably less noticeable in single-player, but it's definitely there. Try running the debug profiler as well and take a look at the dump.)

Hope someone can help.
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