Can't get on to Hypixelmood_bad

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_JoeCool_ started 07/10/2020 5:01 pm
and replied 07/10/2020 10:24 pm
I can't get on to Hypixel!

It says that MC cannot authenticate my connection to the server. I've tried direct connections, deleting the server on the page, and restarting the game and launcher. Anyone have solutions?
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07/10/2020 9:58 pm
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I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but perhaps log in and out of your minecraft profile on the launcher?

I had this issue a while back and doing that seemed to help. Otherwise, perhaps try restarting your router/wifi on your computer/laptop?

If those don't work, maybe contact Hypixel or look at their forum. I'm sure this isn't uncommon and they might have an explanation for it?
07/10/2020 10:24 pm
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Haha, funny, I actually did that before you answered!
The problem was, I changed my name, and I had to log in and out.
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