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Are you starting a new project and are looking for members, or are you looking for something to join? Here's the spot!

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by Uncertainhavoc » 10/14/2012

Hey guys! Time for a different approach.

I'm making a bad ass Homestuck Adventure Map in Tekkit right now, and I need all the help I can get!

So here's what I need you to do. My skype is havoc_weaver. If you want to join, send me a request over skype with these requirements filled out.

Current Page in Homestuck:
Conformation you have read or are reading Homestuck:
Anything Else:

For example, your contact request should look something like this.
Hello havoc_weaver! I would like to add you as a contact. My name is (Insert Name) and I am (Insert Age) years old! My IGN is (Insert IGN) and I have absolutely read Homestuck! I am on page (Insert Page #)! I love to play Minecraft and I spend most of my time building, and I enjoy Homestuck a lot, so I thought I would give this a try! Hope to find out more about the map soon!
~(Insert Name Here)

Now I don't want you just filling in the blanks and sending me a request. Make your own application and send it to me!

Hope to have applicants soon! And if any of you don't have skype, you can always email me your application at [email protected] !
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by oVDeathHawkVo » 10/14/2012

Seems interesting, and im surprised not many people have applied
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by Uncertainhavoc » 10/17/2012

I already have a couple people who have offered to help out, and that is more than I expected! But if ANYONE wants to help out in ANY way, even critiquing our work, it would be GREATLY appreciated. Also my partners are at school right now so I'm kind of working by myself here.
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by tentacleTherapist » 10/17/2012

Same person as Uncertainhavoc. Apparently my account is broken? I was unable to access any other parts of the site except the forums, so I made a new account!
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