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by Zocom » 7/1/2011


Me And My mini company MGaming is hosting a minecraft server, which now is full with people, 50 max and it's full :s

Anyways, we are looking for more admins/moderators. Since we are only 5-6 staff members now, it's kind of hectic, and Me (Zocomen) is playing on the worst computer ever!, (Get New One On Wednesday) So, What We Expect From You:

15 Years +

English Speaking

Have Some Mature Experience Of Being Op/Admin

Politic In Chat

Have Skype

And Know Some Basic Mod Stuff, Such As Essentials.

Send Your Application To [email protected] and we get back to you asap :)

Meantime, Join The Server!:

Regards - MGaming Staff
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by chife53 » 7/3/2011

Hey i sent you a email
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