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Looking for some help 18+ with Mic PS4

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created 02/15/2016 5:07 pm by GasMaskKid
I am in need in some help!
My buddy and I made a 101×101 circle in the Ocean. We drained the water and started mining it out. We want to dig it down to bedrock (We are on layer 50). It's me, my buddy and another friend that helps out once in a blue moon.
We would like to keep it 18+ or even 21+ with mics. If you like to build you can also help build our city/ whatever we plan on to build in our cirle. Should be a really cool build. I'm active on the weekends and after work around 5 pm Eastern Time.
Add me on PSN with a MSG so I know who you are or at least get an idea how you added me.
Thanks a lot
PSN: GasMaskKid
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