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created 08/31/2014 11:14 am by xclgslicknick
RULES: must have a mic and actually use it no this doesnt include kinex 2. be 18yrs or older as if much easier to have serious people 3. be friendly and help each other out meaning dont kill or steal from people and if you got extras of something even if its diamonds dont be greedy please share. 4. hunt for food and things you need at start of game if everyone collects wood,food,stone, and wool right away everyone will be happy and prepared then we move on to better things but as a group because i personally hate splitting up because someone may be in trouble and there wont be any help around and thats lame. 5. please dont be in a rush for diamonds because what i like to do is get a 1 to 2 people with an enchanted pickaxe (fortune3,unbreakable3,efficiency4) so that we can get the most diamonds possible for example a 5 stack of diamonds can turn into 13 diamonds this way we have a lot and then share evenly amongst us all for example i collected 20 diamonds and there's four of us in game that's 5 diamonds each yes that's right people i share and that's how it should be. 6. please follow the rules because i will kick, delete, or leave game if anyone is unwilling to be a teamplayer and just add me my GT: XCLG SlickNick i will be online waiting for invites once this ad is up KNOW that once i have an invite the new world might be started by the time more people want to join the rules still apply gather everything you need etc and we will all meet up and move as a group. AND ONCE AGAIN I WANT TO START A BRAND NEW WORLD DONT ADD ME IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THAT thanks hope to here from you
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