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Xbox One, Epic PVP, Parkour server.

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created 02/07/2016 4:24 am by DreamerMMA
Hello everyone,

About 2 weeks ago a friend and I decided to make little maze with some traps and treasure in it to kill some of our friends in. After adding a couple of areas we opened it for play to our friends who immediately embraced the idea of the server and many began helping us play test and build.

After a couple more days I put up a thread on another Minecraft forum and within a week attracted well over 100 unique players to try the game. The feedback was fantastic and the server was very well received. Several players became staff and helped us make the server bigger and better.

What we've ended up with is a sprawling network of mazes, parkour areas, secret areas, traps all developed with the curious explorer, the PVPer and players who prefer to work together in mind.

We set the game to survival on easy with mining and building turned off. There is no official "end" to the maze. It's more of a sprawling, interconnected play area, think Dark Souls like level design.

We do allow players to keep their gear and levels when they die. We also have some Ender Chests scattered around the server for players to store personal gear in. We also feature an option to purchase a home in a nearby village for diamonds and a system for saving spawn points around the game.

We've designed the game to be challenging but fair. It is a very difficult server but one you can spend hours exploring and still not see half of it and it's still growing.

I've talked enough, time to show you. I've added a couple of videos I made on my Xbox One.

This one is the first video and shows much of the outside and upper part of the maze.

This is me making my way through an early part on survival.

This is part two inside the maze taking me a bit deeper into the hub of the area.

This is some footage of a new player. I went invisible and followed him in creative to see how he did. I'll have more of these kinds of videos later as well.

If you want to give this a shot we'd love to have you check it out. It's a lot of fun for even the most experienced parkour runner, PVPer an adventurer. We are always open to ideas and still have plenty to learn so feel free to tell us what you think either way.

To join, message me on Xbox Live as DreamerMMA. This server is open to all ages but we will not tolerate harassment or griefing.

Mostly, have fun.
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