A written history of the Minecraft "Movecraft" Plugin -- (By: cccm5; eirikh1996; C_Corp2002)

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A written history of the Minecraft "Movecraft" Plugin (By cccm5; eirikh1996; C_Corp2002)
Way back in Minecraft, from 2013-2016,
you could make block-based vehicles on Bukkit/Spigot Servers,
that were (More or less) fully Redstone compatible, and you could make:
Tanks/Cars, Planes, Airships/Zeppelins, Submarines, Submarine-Airships, Ships,
Teleporters, Transports, Tnt-Cannon Turrets, etc...
You get the idea -- Vehicles.

It was originally revived and popularized by BaccaYarro (aka Loraxe42)
(The 2013 -- 2016 Versions)
BaccaYarro/Loraxe42 did a phenomenal job with modernizing it for the
fresh baked, Minecraft version 1.8.x,
proceeded to make the (then) fairly popular,
Steam-Punk, "Airship Pirates" YouTube Series.

Although he appeared to grow board of Minecraft,
and eventually left the plugin to itself, and its small extremely loyal community.
It would eventually become stagnant and, now more or less forgotten.
Those of you, who do remember the fun times of building and combat testing Massive Airships,
those times are hopefully coming back.
All it takes is support.

From Minecraft Versions 1.10.2 and onwards (Currently 1.12.2), We (C_Corp2002; cccm5; eirikh1996),
hopefully will be able to revive and maintain the Server Plugin to it's former height,
from (Late 2017 onwards).

There will be two versions, a legacy version with all of the original features,
and a beta/bleeding edge version, with some,
if not many features missing and being re-added.

NOTE: The Legacy version is and will likely always be noticeably slower,
and "chunkier" than the bleeding edge edition.

NOTE: The Bleeding edge edition has a massive performance boost over Legacy,
but is missing features.
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