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created 05/30/2015 4:39 pm by noobskills
We’ve got some exciting news for you all today! Starting today, the site is getting a major update. You might have already seen some changes throughout the site but that was just temporary. When you come back you might not even recognize it, because when I say major I mean HUGE! Almost the whole site design is going to be renewed with custom made graphics by our designers. Another thing will be a brand new shiny logo! But no, that’s not it, there’s more! We know you like getting spoiled so on top of that we added custom thumbnails for every article to make it more professional.

Some less visible changes will be that I will be writing most articles. For example If you look in the top left corner you can see POSTED BY: ADMIN or something similar that way you can see who wrote it.

The site will also have its own Facebook and Twitter accounts on which you can contact us. Alternatively, if you do not have Facebook or Twitter you can always email us.

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