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Minecraft bedrock edition, disappearing fences?

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created 03/06/2018 9:42 am by AGTRigorMortis
Ok, I have a question, because this is something that I cannot even explain as I am not a programmer, but a friend tells me he didn't grief my sheep pen and take out fence posts at the far corner of my village back in November 2017, although I still not sure if I can trust him on that given he admitted to doing that on a Java world before

But, if he didn't do it, then what did? It wasn't me, because

1) I was elsewhere that night on the world doing fishing 100's of blocks away from the village for some enchanting books, therefore not even lightning could have caused it (as lightning can only affect stuff in loaded chunks) and there was absolutely no evidence that lightning did destroy the fences, because the remaining ones weren't on fire when I returned.

2) the backup file I made on the same night just hours before friends got on, when I reloaded it, there was no fences missing

I'm not saying it's impossible for fences to disappear from some bug in the game or a failed disk write on the realm server due to lag or something, there was an update that patched an issue to do with pistons breaking a while back on MC bedrock edition, in the link below.

But I just don't know if I can completely trust Chandler on his word given what he did in the past.
However, if an update later on mentions a patch fixing vanishing wooden fence posts, then I will apologise to him for the accusation I made back then. Either way, it is frustrating when your builds get ruined when you put work into them.

and I don't like having to use backup files, because abusing those would defeat the whole point of survival and would ruin the experience for us all. I keep it only as a contingency for corrupted server files, like the world holes that formed from bugs, (like in the screenshot in a link below), or in case of griefing, nothing else. Which is just common sense really.

Also this is a video with a screenshot at the beginning that shows a chunk error has ruined our older survival world last year which I didn't have a recent backup file for. I was going to make the next backup on the day I discovered this mess, but it was too late, lady luck wasn't on my side at the time.

But I do have something to say about Minecraft realms, considering the fact we pay for the subscriptions it is completely unacceptable that files on there can corrupt so easily. No joke, I even got locked out of my own realm one time on Java version because of an issue which prevented me logging in and the exact same problem happened on bedrock edition once. One thing is proven by the numerous complaints regarding MC realms, is it isn't very stable.
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