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created 04/25/2019 5:13 pm by MineMax10
Hello, i just discovered a way on how to fix corruped minecraft ps3 game saves!

This Guide can fix these corupted files:

- If The Save is still showing in Save Data Utility but named as (_UUAS_2347487384) (or other numbers)

- It has the curruped image:


- Jailbroken PS3 with Multiman (Yes, sadly Jailbroken but you can jailbreak and remove the jailbreak later if youre done,
but this is not an jailbreaking guide. This jailbreak will be worth it!)

- The corrupted file showing in Save data Utility, DO NOT DELETE IT


- MCCToolChest

How to do it:

It should be simple if you have knownolige about Multiman and Typical PC stuff.

Quick Guide for Experienced People:

Step 1:

Copy the world from PS3 onto your PC with an USB Stick

Step 2:

Convert the curruped world onto PC

Step 3:

Convert it back onto PS3.


Better Guide:


Step 1:

Start Multiman on your PS3

Step 2:

Open the file Explorer (again this is not a multiman or jailbreaking guide so just google how to open it)

Step 3:

Locate the Game Saves. (dev_hhd0/home/(number of the user)/savedata

Step 4:

You will see the file _UUAS_number, this is the corrupted game save. You might see multiple. Copy them to a USB Stick. If you have multiple, copy all of them.


Step 5:
Take the USB stick and plug it into your pc. Open the USB Stick.

Step 6:

You will see the _UUAS_ folder there. If you open it, you will notice the files inside are minecraft world files.

here im just telling you how to convert from PS3 to PC, you can also read this for more info:

Step 7:

Open Minecraft PC. Set your render distance to the smallest amount and create a new world. If its created, join the world, let some chuncks load and leave it.

Step 8:

Open MCCToolchest and Open the GAMEDATA File inside of the UUAS folder i MCCToolChest.

Step 9:

In MCCToolChest, go to Tools, Convert, To PC. Select The world you just created on MCPC.

Step 10:

Click whatever boxes you need.

Step 11:
Click Convert.

Step 12:

Join the world on PC, the one we just Converted. After you join it generate some chuncks for a minute and leave.

Success you have your corruped world on PC! Now what?


Step 13:

Go back to your PS3 and create a world, create it and leave instantly.

Step 14:

Copy that just created world onto a usb and open it in MCCToolchest.

here im showing you how to convert from PC to PS3, you can use this for more info:

Step 15:

Go to tools, convert from PC, select the PC world, and check the boxes you need. and convert

Step 16:

The World you just opened in MCCToolchest is your world that WAS corrupted.

Step 17:

Copy the world back onto your PS3, and go into minecraft and play!


This took long to make please subscribe and give me a diamond.

Also please help me make this post better as its kinda complicated.
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