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I need help urgently with WorldEdit!!

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created 07/19/2018 9:47 am by J4TZplayZ
last reply 07/19/2018 3:53 pm
I know I don't usually ask for help like this before, but I have never been more devastated, as what I just did happened to be the HUGEST mistake I have made so far in Minecraft using (what was at first, turning out to be quite a useful mod)

What happened...
I accidently erased all my builds for the Journey through Time contest, whilst using WorldEdit to //move some big structures (that seemed just a bit too low in the sky...).
Then once I executed the command, I waited patiently for the lag to cease before continuing...

But it redirected me back to the MC title screen with an error

"Your MC world ran out of memory..."

I rejoined my world, and all my builds seemed to have erased during the process! I still have the //undo command... but it isn't functioning correctly!

Can I restore those builds I moved with //move?
Or have they been permanently erased :(

If anyone is familiar with any errors like this, please comment...
...Because I really need help


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07/19/2018 12:23 pm
Level 1 New Network
Okay, you can not use Worldedit to recover anything, but there is a way to recover lost or corrupted saves. I was hoping to use it to find a previous save of your work that might have the things you lost. It might not completely work but I'll give you the video to it, you can check it out and see if you can find another save. Don't let the title mislead you, it was just a similar idea I hope works. I'll send two videos, one for Mac and one for Windows.

Mac / IOS:

07/19/2018 3:53 pm
Level 11 Journeyman Explorer
Thanks for the reply,

I watched both videos (though I run a Windows operating system) and it sounds like it could work,
but I did try... however the Windows backup system did not find anything from what I last deleted...(on the 2nd video)... unfortunately... it's a similar idea... but it's really more on what I erased in the world, and if I could recover those missing blocks... Thanks for the help though!
07/19/2018 10:37 am
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That happens. It's some sort of memory bug. I don't know of any solution to it. The trick is to always save your world before pasting massive structures. I would think it'd save automatically when you leave and rejoin, but I've had it mess up regardless even with that, so I don't know. Try moving structure one bit at a time in the future. It really helps avoid this whole mess.
07/19/2018 10:43 am
Level 11 Journeyman Explorer
Thank you for your reply,

I understand, but I was in fact moving the entire map up about 3 blocks to avoid making a mistake!
This has never happened to me before, and it is a shame it happened just before the contest too..:(




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