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Idea for Modded PvP Server (Need help!)

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created 03/30/2013 2:48 am by Makost0rM
I recently came up with an idea for a modded PvP server that as far as I can see, hasn't been done before. Basically, it's faction-based combat in an open world blending multiple objectives in a single match.

The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent's Tickets to zero. (If this cannot be done, be the first team to gain 1000 points.) There are multiple objectives that will allow you to score, among which are:

-Killing neutral monsters in monster camps and underground Raid Dungeons. Raids are a series of rooms leading to a boss which are:

The Wither

Slenderman (mod, if possible)

Ender Dragon

Grim Reaper (bosscraft, if able) ... ed-to-132/

Fire Lord (same as above)

Killing a boss grants a huge point bonus, but getting killed results in a point penalty, so raiding is a risk. There are also treasure chests in raids that have diamond weapons and armor, potions and emeralds (see below)

- PKing. The most straightforward way to score, killing a player will score you points. players only lose points when killed by a boss.

- Gathering Emeralds - Emeralds are found within various chests in the open world, and placing them in a chest in your spawn will give you points. You can also steal emeralds from your enemies' base to directly steal points from them, essentially creating PvP raids.

Not sure if I can do any of that, but seeing how people have done large scale PvP and even gamemodes like Hunger games and SSB, I think something like this is manageable.

Please reply if you like this idea and know how you would go about doing it!
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