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Minecraft crashing on 'MOJANG' [1.13.2]

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created 02/19/2019 8:12 pm by FatesDomain
last reply 03/18/2019 6:14 am
So, basically over the past two days I have been unable to load up Minecraft. Each time I try, the launch freezes on MOJANG then it does the whole (Not Responding) and crashes.

I have tried reinstalling, I have updated Java and tried to find other solutions but am stuck at this point.

One day it works, the next it has a launcher update and then it stops working.

Launcher update: 2.1.2474

Trying to launch: 1.13.2

Is anyone able to help?
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03/16/2019 11:44 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Scribe
This has happened to me before. Believe it or not, it has something to do with programs you have installed on your computer. Go to Control Panel>Uninstall a Program and scroll through and find any unnecessary programs you have on there. If something is by a strange developer, delete it. If you don't remember downloading it in the first place, delete it.

You may be wondering how things that you didn't download got on to your computer. I'm sure you know what viruses are. Even if you download a useful program from a trusted website or brand, it can have viruses and other programs attached to it that install themselves. So most likely, you've installed something that was infected with what I like to call "tagware". It's not your fault, though.

So, just try this and if it works for you, reply to me and I'll be able to help other people who are having this issue. If it doesn't, be sure to reply and I'll try to help you troubleshoot further.
03/18/2019 6:14 am
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I regularly go through all my files and get rid of the ones I dont recognise or need, but I did it again just in case. I found nothing unusual there.

I also tried repairing the file, not that it did anything, but I thought I would try.

Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the issue overall.

I really appreciate the comment though! I think it could help some people in the future who have a similar issue.
02/19/2019 9:20 pm
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post crashlog
03/11/2019 1:39 am
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Where can I grab that?

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