Custom Entities Model- import non-voxelled models in Minecraft(Help required)

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Icarus1942 started 06/21/2019 7:08 am
I have been looking all over the web, and i wasn''t able to find anything to import custom 3d files(fbx,smd,collada, which support animations) the same way Pixelmon does. A friend of mine told me that they basically hard-coded a custom parser, which is able to import smd files, basically from scratch.

Optifine cem support was a solution for a while-until i realized that splitting each model in parts and animating them individually was a pain in the arse and gave up.

Is there anybody experienced enough with java to give me a more detailed explanation? I was able to find some cool code here. altough having little to no experience with java i have no clue how to implement it.

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