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Quantum Craft map, looking for someone to help build it with me

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created 08/27/2018 4:08 pm by Terrythetryhard
So I wasn't sure if this would qualify for something to be put on planetminecraft since it's related to attack of the bteam, i've been creating a really crappy map based on qcraft(quantum craft) since the mod doesn't get a lot of light on it. The map looks like it's been made by a 5 year old so far, so that's something, and i'm curious if anyone would ever want to hop on a aternos with me and help me build it, it would just be plain building if you do decide your curious, no plugins like world edit to help, message me on discord if your interested :D


Also to any mods of pmc sorry if this is a wrong category, I tend to mess categories up a lot.
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