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Better ore distribution

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created 03/16/2016 2:51 pm by barney_the_policeman
last reply 03/21/2016 2:19 pm
I remember there used to be a mod called "Better ore distribution"
but it seems as if it is out of date now.
Is there any mod that achieves a similar result that's updated for the current version of minecraft? Preferably one that doesn't use forge?
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03/21/2016 2:19 pm
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Silvania Studios
Yes actually, I have a mod called cOre (pun) which does a very similar thing. You configure it to change the vein size, rarity etc etc.

It adds tonnes of ores, some useful some useless - designed for economy servers to let players sell them. You can set rarity to zero to disable any that you don't want though.

It's also levelling system friendly. If you use something like MCMMO from bukkit - all my ores drop as items, so they can't be replaced.

It's not really "released" but you're welcome to use it (including modpacks if you like). The ores are done but it's only got overworld generation for now, and there's no recipes or textures for the other states like ingots, nuggets etc. Everything is OreDict though (so my copper works in IC2 etc)

If you want it, send me a PM.

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