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Forge Modder Starting A Mod Team

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created 10/18/2017 7:47 pm by supercrafter187
last reply 10/18/2017 10:14 pm
Hi, I'm looking to start a mod team for a mod I am working on (currently in early stages of development), called The Creech. So far I got a few items made: claws and a sword. Before I get into details about joining the team let me explain the mod first. The mod is about a hostile creature known as the Creech. The is mob will only spawn at night and be hard to kill making killing it extremely rewarding. This mod will add several new items and features and make the night a scary and bad place to be. It is intended for this mob to be the next scary creature. The positions that are in this team are:
Coder #1 - ME
Coder #2 - Not Taken
Designer / Lore - EMcrafter
Modeler - Not Taken
Texturer - Not Taken
Positions are not paid ( I'm not making money from this, and I usually do these things for fun). If you want to be a coder just show me proof you know java (trust me, I will be able to tell - I know java), If you want to be a modeler just show proof of your models. Thanks for reading! Just post below or PM me if you want to join. If there is a position you want that is not mentioned go ahead and try to join! We need as many people as we can!
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10/18/2017 10:14 pm
Level 1 New Miner
Hello everyone! We are eager to get this project rolling and really could use the support and help. I work on the design/lore side of things on the project. I'm so excited and grateful that this monster mob is coming to life. Thank you supercrafter187 for getting this project started and making such an idea possible. Lets make the next scary creature!!!!




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