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Headless Horseman mod![1.4.2] NEED TEXTURER FOR MOBS!

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created 10/29/2012 9:31 pm by DragsZombies
Hello everyone! We all know that...... THE BEST FREAKING HOLIDAY BESIDES CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! SO MUCH CANDY! Well, first off, I'm making a mod, that adds the Headless Horseman into Minecraft. It's a simple mod, all I am needing, is 1 other coder who is good with modding in what mobs do and stuff, or just something plain and simple. And someone who is good at texturing mobs that are not regular mob skins. Kinda like a Deer kinda thing going on..... Well, I'd really like to have the help soon, I want this done by Halloween! Anyway, I hope you all will be willing to help me with this AWESOME MOD! I will also update this every Halloween Like, this Halloween I will only be adding the mob, Headless Horseman, and have him drop a few items. Like, the Head of the Headless.... BLAH BLAH BLAH! xD anyway, You get the idea. Pip pip cheerio!
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