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help me learn java (for plugins, mods and discord bots (if you know 1 of the 3 your already good))

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created 01/11/2019 3:44 pm by jennider
hey, you click in me bc you maybe can help me, (or just want to read everything like i do,...)

well, i am a small minecraft player and wanted to learn java for a server that i am part of, that servers ask me to be dev (bc the owner trust me and i know the basics of java). but i learn diffrently then allmost every yt video. they use a 3nd party software and dont explain what they are doing they just tell you. and that (i belive) is not the correct way to teaching. i like you to teach me java like you know what you are doing, (even when you dont). i need to know what every plugin does and what it will add, i need to know what every line does and mean. so i can use MY head, not your knowledge.

if you are intrested, feel free to add me on discord with "jenn#8529". we will creative a discord server so communication is more easy.

pls use the docs as teaching. so i can read it as you relax. i can read. but just understand the layout of the docs (its a little TO big for my understanding)

thx you so much for reading this,
  im dislactian so some grammer mistakes will take place. pls coop with it
cya soon.
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