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How to make a mod load from mods folder

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created 02/26/2013 5:05 pm by MCE626
last reply 02/27/2013 7:51 pm
The title explains it all.

I want to know how to make a mod run from the "mods" folder in ".minecraft" but i don't know how....

If you know how, please tell me what i need to do (if i need to make a folder for eclipse called "mods" or something, idk....) and i know i'll need to change the code for the textures.....

Don't say "Google it" cause i ALWAYS try to google before i come asking here. i did not find anything about this....

also, if u googled this problem, and did find something, please post the link below!

oh and don't be that smart-trying-to-be-funny-ass and still reply to this "google it", cause it's not funny, i already have googled it, and didn't find what i was looking for. Otherwise i wouldn't be asking.


p.s. don't do that "Let me google this for you" thing either. also not really funny...
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02/26/2013 6:15 pm
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You just need to program your mod using the Modloader API, then when you have reobfuscated it, zip it up and drop it in your Mods folder.
ModLoader will scan the mods folder on launch and load and Mods from it automatically, this help more novice users to quickly and easily install Mods (And remove them) with our having to modify minecraft.jar (Bar installing Modloader, which can be done via an autoinstaller.).

There are plenty tutorials around the internet on creating a Mod with Modloader so I advise you go check it out, if you already have created your Mod with Modloader, then go ahead and reobfuscate it, like I said, then zip it up and drop it in your Mods folder!

Simple as that!

Reference links:
Modloader: Clicky!

I hoped that helped?
02/27/2013 7:51 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Modder
i did that and it gave me a black screen....
oh, i'm using the most up-to-date forge modloader

EDIT: yeah it loaded and worked when i installed it into the minecraft.jar...

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