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Mod Request: PREY

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created 05/16/2018 4:46 pm by snack1022
Hello everyone!
I'm myself an incredible fan of PREY, a game from Arkane Studios released in 2017. Me and my friends are right now playing a futuristic modpack, and such a mod would fit perfectly in. So, what I am requesting any modder which is currently looking for anything to do to make a mod which adds the following mechanics to Minecraft:
- Recycler/Fabricator (using the PREY-Mechanics) (would be be great as multiblocks)
- GLU-Cannon, Pistol, Shotgun and Coil Cannon
- Neuromods and some basic perks (for example health increase, strenght, haste etc)
- Sentry

Features which are not necessary, but I'd still really enjoy:
- More immersive perks (Shockwave, EMP, Mimic etc)
- "Aliens" which you need to research these abilities from first
- Neuromod-Skilltree
- Recycler grenade

I will try my best to help you with texturing, modelling, amd providing you informations about PREY, as well as in programming (I can't 'speak' java, but have learned other languages). Also, as sort of bounty, I am giving away Steam Keys for PREY if the mod works well :)

Best regards,
your snack1022

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