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Multiplayer Server Spawn Area Build Needs Flair

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created 11/20/2018 12:42 am by KevoWrecksM8s
last reply 11/20/2018 2:20 am
I am working on a multiplayer spawn area, that is small and simple. This build centers around a house design. I'm not that great yet at coming up with decoration ideas, or how to make something look nice. What additions, modifications, or redactions do you think I should do to this project?

My idea for the house is a semi-big, one floor house. I want to have windows so you don't feel closed and dark. Just like how you would in a real world house with not many windows. So I only have the front spawn area outside's foundation set.

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11/20/2018 2:20 am
Level 3 Apprentice Farmer
A couple questions/recommendations.
I think it would be good to have an idea of the function you want the spawn to server. Will it display information, or simply be a starting area?

I would suggest giving the rooms more shape, vertically or in their floor shape, so it feels less like connected boxes.

If those mossy cobble structures are portals, how many do you need? Maybe you could have a small area where players spawn in, and then a portal room and an exit to the outside land, this would eliminate the large open space you are struggling with. Or you could build a more residential house and then adapt it to suit your purposes.

Here is a type of house design that might be nice. It depends on what you want. Also brick can be hard to work with.
Suburban house minecraft build
Here is a small area I made.

Could function as the room a person spawn in, and then the door can lead
to the larger house. I didn't finish because i don't know exactly what
youre looking for, and because im not great at building either




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