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My new paurkour map I am working on!

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created 01/12/2018 12:23 pm by EnderDragonMc7
I am making a new map called Rage:By Enderdragonmc7. Rage is a map I made inspired by Getting Over It With Benet Foddy and Parkour School. This map is not going to be a easy parkour map. It will be hard I think. I made this for DanTDM, Pat and Jen, and Preston Plays to challenge them. For new comers in parkour please don't try this map (you will fail) and for the advance paurkour people don't underestimate my map. There are 0 checkpoints and if you die then you go all the way back to the start. If you fall then you have to re do what you already did. I'll post pictures of Rage near completion. I have no date for when the map will be done. It will be done when it is done. But going back to the new comer thing I have a easy map for you guys coming out soon. It'll be titled No Rage. No Rage will be a prequel to Rage. There will be no spoilers in No Rage for Rage to take. No Rage is just a easy 5 level map while Rage is a 100 level almost impossible map. That is why there is no release date yet. Rage also has some other stuff besides parkour, You will have to find out what it is though. But I do have a question for Rage. Would you like there be a special skin for Rage or No Rage. You tell me in the poles.

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