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<--> Proxima: A ForumJelly Adventure Map (W-I-P Thread) <-->

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created 04/03/2019 9:51 pm by craftdiamonds
last reply 05/08/2019 6:57 pm

What is it?
ForumJelly has been working on another map after our previous map AberrantWorlds

This map will hopefully completely change your viewpoint of adventure maps and amazing they can be! Furthermore, the map will likely be in 1.14 and up to possibly 5 players. This will be a decently long map so you better have some spare time!

*Please note that the map is still in its infancy/early stages so adjustments may be made and things still need to be added and tested, there are still MANY things we need to do.*

You play the role of a Space explorer when suddenly you are attacked by an unknown creature and are hurtled towards the mysterious planet known as Proxima. Your job is to venture down into the bowels of the planet and find four missing parts so that you can be able to return back to your own world.

Custom Crafting, Items, and Mobs
To give a special twist to this map, we have added unique items which you will be able to craft and pick up from monsters that you kill. Each monster/mob drops something unique, and when you get enough, you can put them together to form a special item to help you on your quest to escape Proxima.

Custom Item Examples:
o Temporary barrier: Places down a mob-proof barrier for a few seconds (1-minute cooldown)
o Tranq-gun: Freezes Mobs for 10 Seconds (Requires Ammo)
o Gravity Gun: Will Launch Mobs (10-sec cooldown)
o Warp Staff: Will teleport players around like a warp staff

While for the most part, we will be using Minecraft’s default mobs, we have retextured them to make the map more unique. Some of these retextures even make fighting them harder! However, each specified area will only contain certain mobs, so to craft items you will need to venture into different areas and hopefully obtain these items. Finally, mobs will spawn naturally so you will not need to destroy those pesky spawners.

Map made for Anyone + Modes
We are attempting to create a map that anyone can get behind.
If you have any ideas to help make this map for everyone, please let us know!Gear System:
This map will feature a special system known as the gear system. While your main goal is to find the four missing ship parts that are needed to escape the planet. There are other pickups for those completionists out there, with these gears you are able to craft them into blocks which can be placed on the ship. These blocks when placed will grant a permanent perk throughout the entire map. Such as permanent resistance or regeneration I.

In addition to that, we have created two modes to give players an infinite number of adventures to experience.

Veteran Mode

Warning: This mode is only for true players. No weaklings allowed. (cough craft)
Players have the option of entering into an alternate mode for an even more intense gameplay experience. This mode will take place in hard difficulty settings rather than normal. You are not allowed Natural Regeneration & will not be provided with a mob drop guide explaining what mob will drop what. We are still debating whether to give you a crafting recipe book during veteran mode as well. It is recommended you try this mode only after playing the map once.

The default way to play this adventure map. All players will receive the necessary equipment in order to fully enjoy this map along with the aforementioned gear system.

Free Roam
Wait. It’s not linear? No, this map is open, in a way. You may choose to play the map in any order. There are four main caves and one hub cave. This way if you ever decide to replay the map, you can attempt new routes and have even more interesting ways to play. However, each area will be around the same difficulty. Even though you will have more items prepared for other areas of the map, you will still find the adventure to be quite the challenge. Though you may be thinking, “what if I want to go back to an area, but I don’t want to walk!” Well, my answer to that is; ever play Xenoblade Chronicles? In the map, you will be provided a Skip Travel book. This means that throughout the map, as you discover important landmarks or areas, you may warp back to them at any time.

Unique Experience + Realms
This map will have what is known as a Custom Resource Pack. Meaning the mobs, items, music, some sound effects, some blocks, etc. will be retextured. This will truly make the map even more interesting. On your journey, you will come across custom bosses, retextured mobs, and more.

Throughout this map, we have been trying to focus on one thing; attempting to get this map onto Realms. As you might know, it is possible for people to submit maps to be added, however, this is a really difficult task, as to get a map onto Realms, the map must be nearly free of bugs and properly balanced.

Please leave as much feedback as possible to help us achieve this goal

Go on, have a peek! If this is too boring for you, you may view the little teaser trailer at the start of the thread. However, keep in mind the map is still in its infancy stages so please bear in mind that it may not be as exciting.


How you can help us!
We really need as much feedback as we can get. Leave us a quick comment on what you think below.

Recruiting Builders
We have started recruiting builders, learn more here!

In the meantime, join our public mapping discord server! This is also the same discord for builders but you will be unable to access certain channels dedicated to them!
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Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead

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4 replies

05/08/2019 6:57 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Update #4 - 5/8/19
- We are in the process of obtaining a new server
- Some background work has been done
- Our new mapping discord is likely fully complete
We are sorry we have not been too active, it is testing month after all. Building recruitments are still open!
04/22/2019 7:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
From the video, I’m impressed. I think that some big chains and spikes could go really well in certain places. Maybe you could ado a mode where you play with a friend to get the parts?
04/22/2019 12:17 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
Thank you and we will consider your suggestion, in fact, there would be a certain area where they would go. No spoilers though!

As for the multiplayer aspect, the map is planned to be 1-5 players so bringing a friend is viable, even recommended! There is no need to make a whole mode for single and multiplayer though.
04/16/2019 7:38 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blockhead
*Please note that some two of these updates are quite old but I neglected to post them by mistake, while the third update is quite recent, I will continue to post updates as time goes on!*

Update #1 : 3/17/19

The map is finally alive again, we have begun to start working on the caves!
- Worked on one of the four areas
- Expanded the texture pack
- Began to finalize how exactly the building will be laid out
- Working on making the map player-friendly
- Removed large chunks of unneeded land in order to make the map less resource demanding

Update #2 - 4/3/19
- All extra chunks have been removed
- Pack assets have been improved on
- More work has been done on the caves
- Minor testing regarding commands have been done
- Builders may slowly start being recruited soon
- Created the foundation for background things
- This unholy image

Update #3: 4/15/10
- Updated Screenshots
- More building is done in the background

Good news! We have begun to recruit builders for this map, learn more here!

Update #4 - 5/8/19
- We are in the process of obtaining a new server
- Some background work has been done
- Our new mapping discord is likely fully complete
We are sorry we have not been too active, it is testing month after all. Building recruitments are still open!

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