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The Knights of Craftonia first build project!

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created 03/31/2017 11:59 pm by Bugsaway
Hello everyone I'm bugsaway ,the creator/manager of The Knights of Craftlandia. We are looking for members if you would like to apply please go to this form to apply looking-for-builders-create-build-team-t589156.html

But me and the other manager have been working on concepts for the 5k by 5k custom survival/adventure map. The consept is a basic consept for a small town you might run across in the world. All the terrain has been hand made same with the houses. The village is planned to be added in somewhere in the world we don't know where just yet. But here are some pictures of a concept village we've been working on. This village is a concept of the first map we're planning on making. The map is planned to be a adventure/survival map.
(yellow wool is marking where building will be light blue was the concept for the lake)
(the towers flag was off as well. We were saving its schematic file and took the flag off so it would be easier)

This has all been made by just 2 people due to our lack of members but we are looking for members like i said so check out the form up top to apply. If you have any suggestions for the concept town please leave a reply!
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