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Anyone want to help make a slimefun server? (need staff and co-owner) (need name too)

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created 12/10/2018 11:50 am by jennider
to start with the basic, i have a host that can host for me, all i need is a:

the job of everyone is:
    to make all the plugins in working order, i can give you file access but that will take some time to complete
    (its not yet deturment if it will be a 1.13.2 or a 1.12.2 server)
    makes sure the server is in working order when im away
    (that sometimes happens)
    al need to have voicechat can can vc with me about dissisions about the server:
    (like if it will be a 1.13.2 or a 1.12.2 server),
    also will get access to my pmc account to make post needed for this server.
    (i am bad at typing and hate it too)
     Makes sure everything if in line and helps the players when needed,

    (need to have a basic understanding of slimefun (i can teach if needed though))

if anyone is interested pls join discord:
(i will NOT pay for a dev, you just need to know how to edit a plugin, how to make it from nothing is not needed.)
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