Arrigo Parkour (Server which needs staff)

AgostinoD7/15/18 8:56 am
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Hello! I am Agostino and I'd like to introduce you to Arrigo Parkour. A Duels / Parkour server. We are currently looking for these following staff ranks: Builders, Moderators, Developers, Helpers, Staff Manager, etc. If you would like to apply, do so here! (THE IP IS arrigoserver.mymcserver.org)

Minecraft IGN:
Age: (11+)
Discord: (If you have it)
Skype: (If you have it)

1. What inspired you to become a staff member on the Arrigo Parkour server?

2. What will you bring and show to the server?

3. Have you had any other staff member experiences?

4. What would YOU do if you were to find a hacker, or somebody breaking the rules?

5. If you have anything else to say, well, say it here.

We wish you luck! :D

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Level 1 : New Miner

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