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Baneshroud, Towny, Survival, PVP

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created 08/30/2016 12:20 pm by snake51977374
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Baneshroud is a community driven Minecraft Survival Towny server, which features MCMMO and Economy+
as well as a Player Friendly Admin Team. We are currently in development for a future modpack. We are a long time server starting as early as 2012. The server provides an excellent experience for all diversity of players. We have an upcoming banking system, a spawn shop, a realistic economy. We feature a Dynmap showing the whole world to all new players that are looking for a location to explore and settle in.


There is no helping hand on this server. There is no /vote to automatically get diamond tools, nor is there a /donate to automatically gain the best gear in the game. If you wish to survive on this server, you must do it alone... or....


Human nature dictates that, at some point, people must band together in order to survive. Great towns litter the land, from the large and affluent Aquilea; capital of a great empire, to the small, yet well defended Asteri. From the village of Eis, perched in the center of a great tundra, to the port city of Babylon, there is no shortage of towns to join in this server. Or, if you so prefer, you may strike out and found your own city- with plenty of space to colonize and explore, the world is your oyster.


Progression at its finest. As you slowly perfect your skills, and train yourself in the art of whatever you may pursue, you will slowly, yet surely become better at said art. Ranging from greater proficiency with bows- to being able to dig treasures from simple dirt, MCMMO can truly help bring a new dimension of advancement to the table.


There is no /spawn in this server. There is no /warp shop in this server, either. There are only three ways to make money; taxing your citizens, if you own a town or nation of course, bartering and/or trading with other players, and trading with the shops at spawn. This makes cooperation with other towns and people VITAL, as it simply isn't a case of 'dig ore, /spawn, then sell ore' in this server.


There are no scripted wars, there are no NPCs. The only way for things to happen on this server, is for someone else to cause them. A war between towns? A friendship between two nations? Ranging from a great road that stretches the great tundra, in an effort to bring trade to a dying town, to a massive bridge that crosses the ocean, anything and everything is possible on this server.
World border.

If there is no competition, then there is no enjoyment. With a border of just 3000 x 3000, towns are within an hour's walk of each other- and thus are constantly under danger. Protecting yourself, and your people is vital in the world of Baneshroud.


The rules on this server are simple to learn, and must be followed to the point.
1. There are to be absolutely NO hacks, or exploits on this server. Offenders will be banned on sight.
2. Excessive swearing, and/or racism, are not allowed on this server. While it is okay to let an occasional swear out, we want to keep a positive environment- and you will be harshly dealt with if you don't follow this rule.
3. Combat logging is not allowed in any way, shape, or form.
4. There is to be no asking for mod, OP or admin. You will NOT be given it, no matter how much you may cry, beg, or moan. If you want to become a mod, admin or OP, you have to earn it.
5. There must be a distance of at least 100 blocks between towns.
6. You are NOT allowed to purposely lag chunks. Infinite grinders and/or spawners are prohibited on this server.
7. If you build a town, there MUST be an open entrance, that people MUST be able to walk through without any hassle.
8. There are no alts allowed on this server.

This server is headed by a team of immensely skilled, and greatly talented people.
Owner: Cactusbandit
Admins: jamesallen8026, and dennisc3.
Moderators: seeric_black, and Zytheus.

Join Baneshroud, along with numerous

amount of players Today, Join the wars and

battles that will come onto the server.
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08/31/2016 6:33 pm
Level 21 : Expert Architect
If you are willing I would be interested in buying your server.


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