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-=BlazePost=-=Skyblock-=-Mature minecraft server=-

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created 08/24/2014 6:37 am by Flufflyboy

About us.
We try to stay mature as possible. We all know that the Minecraft community is non mature
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(speak for yourself )
By bringing the mature players that actually want to play then is minecraft going to be somewhat more fun.

About the server
Its a classic skyblock server, with shops, global market & mob arena's. Even when you vote you get a lucky block that give you random items ranging from wool to diamonds. Its cracked so invite you're friends to play on BlazePost.

Upcoming games/servers
We are planning something unique for in the future (donors are able to play a beta version when its available)

Links / IP
BlazePost - skyblock :
Blazepost - website :
Blazepost - donation :
Blazepost - vote :

Thanks for reading this, we hope to see you soon on the server
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