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created 07/11/2018 4:13 pm by pr13rp
CountryCraft is not only a new server, but a new idea altogether. Players on the server will create nations with their friends and develop their nations. Roleplay will have a big part in enhancing the gameplay. Players will be able to build cities, harbor politics, create religions, and interact with other nations economically and diplomatically. The United Nations will mediate diplomacy and will act as the lawmaking body for the international community.

Country Craft is a nation roleplaying server that uses the towny plugin as a base. Defend your nation's borders with the help of a dynmap that is linked to our website. Join the United Nations to help pass treaties and make multinational agreements or strike out on your own as a rogue nation. Develop your nations political and religious ideologies and battle on the world stage.

We are currently growing the server and looking for new players. Check out our enjin website and create the lore for your Country.
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