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Heeeeellloooooo planet MC!

Since this is my very first post on this forum, please allow me to introduce myself.

I am Knetterkoekje, Dutch, 24 years young and working full-time as a chef at a Mexican restaurant.
About a week ago I started one of the most ambitious projects I have ever layed hands on.
When I bought the minecraft server, all I intended to do was to simply tinker around a bit and educate myself.
However, this tinkering around turned into a mad addiction. A new world started to open up to me.
I've always had an itch to develop some kind of MMORPG, I have made several ''setups'', but never a finished game.
When I was younger I wrote entire books about game ideas, balancing, game psychology... you name it.

Over time I started to realise that minecraft plugin development has come a long way!
With the plugins I currently use, a lot of those game ideas can become a reality.
So far I have spent about 80 hours on development, everything starts to fall in place.
However.. enough about my background, let me pitch my server!


Cyclecraft is a EU based MMORPG survival server, it won't be focussed around PvP, but this will play a part.
You spawn in a wilderness area, with nothing but a book about the servers functionality in your inventory.
MMORPG doesnt mean that there will be class restrictions, but instead you can create your own classes.

Cyclecraft's PvE aims to recreate vanilla wow dungeons and raiding, but minecraft style.
The server is mostly based around PvE, and providing you with a hardcore survival experience.
The server is ran on a VM by a super stable host, offering integrated DDOS protection (6GB RAM | Up to 100 players).

I won't get into ALL the plugins, but a very prominent one is Disease. Disease makes the world a lot more immersive.
Take fall damage? Your legs break, craft a legsplint. Caught a nasty virus swimming in the swamps?
Craft a syringe and remedy injection to cure you disease. Wandering around in a cold area with no clothes on?
You will start to walk slower and slower and your sight diminishes.
If left untreated you will eventually go blind and freeze to death.

There are two types of currency on Cyclecraft, tokens and experience.
Experience is gained the vanilla way, and tokens can be obtained through killing monsters and breaking blocks.
Players can withdraw both their tokens and their experience to an ingame-item.
This way they can store their experience safely and trade both tokens and exp with other players. (there will be a market area).

Tokens can be used to buy pretty much anything Cyclecraft has to offer.
Experience can be used to get random custom enchantments, or the vanilla way.

A lot of blocks broken around the world have a customized loot-table (health pots, spell scrolls, custom crafting items etc..)
To prevent mob-farms from destroying the economy, any custom drops can only be obtained through randomized spawners.
All vanilla items and monsters can be rebalanced and work with a fully customized combat system.
Weapons and armor can have (multiple) activatable abilities, sockets for gems, up to 20 enchantments (5 by default)
You can increase the enchantment-slots with a slot-increaser.

Over 100 cool enchantments have been added to Cyclecraft and there are many more to come
Players even have the ability to design and craft their very own enchants!
The custom items can be obtained from the Cyclecraft's token shop and or found as rare drops.
You can distract a random enchant from an item using a white-scroll, the enchantment will turn it into an enchanting book.
Buyable account upgrades, such as a bigger backpack or the ability to always keep your held item on death.
Most weapons are level-restricted. All custom items are part of Cyclecraft's crafting system.
Destroy items to gain crafting materials. These items have a tier system, higher tiers give better trades with villagers and give better crafting materials when destroyed.

The vanilla random spawning system has extra custom mobs and bosses added on top of the usual. (and a lot more to come ofc)
Some with spawn conditions, for example bosses that can only be spawned with items.

Players can claim land (the usual /trust /trustpermissions etc.. system) --- claims grow over time.
Players can use command items (one-time usable). This way I can give players access to pretty much anything cool.
(with command items the posbilities really are endless, for example players can create their own portals, elevators etc..)
Players lose all experience and items on death, if there is no other player closeby to pick up the items/exp they will vanish.
Players have a backpack in which they can store 18 items that will always be kept.
Players have access to the most beautifully terraformed map in existence.

The main survival map will be generated using a custom configuration for Realistic World Generator.
Cyclecraft offers two building shops that sell pretty much every cosmetic block available in minecraft 1.14,
By cosmetic block I mean that it has none to very low impact on any of the game's mechanics.


Some custom items: https://gyazo.com/4ffe06e410989b82dc7f9cd980ac1347 (*this is just a sneak peak)*
Shop menu: https://gyazo.com/c9cddb07603e739efb58ddcb4a11650c
Building shops: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/369806470906118155/598304316364685358/jatoch123.png
Some of the enchantments: https://gyazo.com/11b3d04936dfe26e522daae45ae688d2
Some random drops:https://gyazo.com/131065fc372222a421536133e406c00d
Realistic World Generator: https://imgur.com/a/iDmE02i
Life Ender: https://gyazo.com/a03c824295a1a47cfdd9379f314dbf22


Waaaaaaaay more items, weapons, armors, enchantments and monsters.
Custom classic World of Warcraft style dungeons and raids.
Discord chat integration: Chat to discord from minecraft and vice versa.
ChatBot: Learns its vocabulary from player interaction and comments on notable things happening around the server.
OpenAudioClient: Region based custom soundtracks and more. (youtube/soundcloud supported).



Cyclecraft is all about community, and community only works if you allow people to behave naturally.
Any form of griefing and or cyber-bullying is strictly forbidden, but this already starts to feel like stating the obvious.
As of now all of the servers rules are managed by the plugins running on it. Just be the best version of you!


I'm sorry for the bookwork! but there is just a metric shit ton to write about haha.
If you are interested in either playing the Cyclecraft alpha launch, and or helping out with development/testing,
or you just feel like striking up a conversation, feel free to join the discord server!

Discord: https://discord.gg/FxUX5t
Server IP:
Server Domain: cyclecraft.minecraftlol.scalacube.net
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