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✦Dargon Network✦ 🔥[1.13.2]🔥 [-🔥🔥-] ⚒PLAY SURVIVAL ☁️PLAY SKYBLOCK ⚒PVP AND MORE

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created 01/11/2019 5:50 pm by Eonnnn | JOIN TODAY


We include lots of game-modes. Our most popular ones are:

and much more. Use /MENU to view them ALL


We will always use the latest version.

At the moment that is 1.13.2.

We allow OptiFine and other client-side mods.

Want to join the community?
Join our discord server!Go in game and use command /discord to join.

Server Protection

Our server will always be online so you can come online whenever you feel like it.

Don't forget, we also prevent griefing by using the command /kit claim. Then, right-click each corner of your build

Get claim blocks by just being online.

We also back up the world VERY FREQUENTLY so you don't need to worry about your hard work being removed.

Also, at the end of every reset, WE GUARANTEE that we will give EVERYONE a MULTI-WORLD download so that everybody

can keep their very hard work.


DDOS Protection

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Backup Storage

Any griefing can be rolled back

Unlimited Worlds (game modes)

User Commands?

All of our users can enjoy basic commands such as /home and more. If you want access to more advanced commands such as /feed and /fix and other cool perks, buy donator using /buy. Don't forget to use /MENU to access everything.'


We require ALL of our players to use the latest version to join.

We require ALL of our players to follow our rules using /rules in the game.

We require ALL of our players to NOT use any XRAY mods or texture packs.

We require ALL of our players to respect the staff and other players.

If you break these simple rules, you will be punished.

Don't worry, if you have basic sense, you'll be fine.

Great! How can I start?

Starting is really easy.

Just connect to IP:

When you get on, use command /MENU.

And that's it!
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