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Disorbs Network <> Survival <> Skyblock <> [1.8]

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created 01/30/2015 4:02 pm by Disorbs

Hello we just started a Somewhat New Server with Friendly Players
and are looking for more that want to Join in and Play with the Others!

Server Name: Disorbs Network
Server IP: Play.Disorbs.Net
Version: 1.8

We currently only have the following servers

Survival 1.8
Skyblock 1.8
Creative (coming soon)

Survival Features:

Grief Prevention - Which you can use to Claim a land with a Golden shovel or a First time Chest
Not Much just a nice Survival server with Friendly Players

Skyblock Features:

1.8 - Get to use all the new 1.8 features and crafting items, Rabbits!
Ore Gen - Cobblestone Generates Ores such as redstonedust, coal, iron, diamond
Block - Instantly turn all ores into Blocks works with lapiz/iron/gold/diamond/emerald/redstonedust
Chest Shop - Get to open your own shop at your Skyblock by setting a Warp there


Respect Players/Staff
No Griefing/Raiding
No Pvp/Killing (Unless in PVP Arena)
No Spamming
No Advertising
No using Hacked Clients/Cheats
No Asking Staff for Items/Ranks

Join Now @ Play.Disorbs.Net
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