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Dream Survival Looking for Testers and Staff (Unique)

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created 02/20/2018 6:34 am by Dream12234151
last reply 02/20/2018 8:34 am
Hey Im Dream, Im thinking of creating a Old-Style Minecraft server

when they play They either cannot claim land or have to earn in game cash and pay like a fee to keep their land protected and they must also protect it via Player vs Player combat.

I know this sounds like factions but i do not want an actual plugin like factions, i want as much player on player interactions as possible.

I want this to be like you can choose to either be a good player and make farms and mine to make your money and if you want something bad done, you pay for example bounties etc etc.

Or you can be bad and raid people and be a bounty hunter.

If you are interested in being a part of this project , I am buying a dedicated server tonight and am starting working on it immediately.

Join the server @

T i need builders, and all types of staff including a plugin manager.

GoodLuck, Dream
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